What We Do

LAB’s ambition is to increase the capacity of underserved and at risk youth to navigate social and emotional challenges and build a foundation for the academic rigors of high school and beyond. Our approach is innovative in that we are using basketball as a transformative tool and platform to encourage student participation and to mainstream Social Emotional Learning (SEL) principles. Unlike other organizations LAB curriculum addresses the needs of children on and off the court. We require students to take part in all classroom based support (specifically designed for them) and commit to LAB’s unique four pillar curriculum, which recognizes the importance of academics and SEL, and relies on a combination of basketball, mentoring, academic support, and community engagement.
  The LAB Model

Unlike other basketball programs the Life and Basketball (LAB) model focuses on addressing the needs of children on and off the basketball court, learning and developing the necessary skills to succeed in an increasingly complex environment. With allocated program slots for At-Risk Youth, LAB provides a safe and welcoming learning environment with programming specifically designed to engage and support hard to reach children.
Results Orientated

LAB is research and data driven and our highly experienced staff of coaches and educators employ results based management to ensure our programs and services truly make a difference in the lives of participating children. We track the progress of each child and work with them at the outset to develop individual goals tailor-made to their unique situation and needs.
  Social Emotional Learning

Our unique four pillar curriculum mainstreams social emotional learning to promote students’ self-awareness, self- management, social-awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making skills. This foundation has in turn been proven to lead to better adjustment and academic performance, fewer behavioral problems, less emotional distress, and improved grades and test scores.